Outlining Character generation

I’ve done a lot of (well, some) writing this last year (although not here, I’m afraid). When doing this, the outlining process has become more and more apparent for me. Basically that is the process of writing through planning first. Write a rough outline first, and try different solutions before starting the actual writing. What […]

What’s happening with Wanderers of Isobane

So, what’s happening currently with the game Wanderers of Isobane? Updates have been slow lately, but not for lack of work. Thing is, it’s going through some major system changes. Things I wrote for the first draft ended up being dead ends, and so it had to change. Basically, the game started out as a […]


Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Collected Miscellanies While preparing my last marvel-game, I found a site (the one above) with heaps of interesting links and resources for the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game. Well worth taking a look Related posts: I have played 4th Ed! First game of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Replication and my first character for […]

Wanderers of Isobane – Introductory Chapter

My dark fantasy-game has continued to grow, and the name has now changed from “Dark Mysteries” to the more specific “Wanderers of Isobane”. The chapter about the game has been updated. Here it is in it’s current shape (but it will probably change slightly as the game is being developed) Wanderers of Isobane This game […]

First game of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

So, I finally got to play Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (published by Margaret Weis Productions) with a couple of friends, and one of the other guys two kids ( around ten and a few years older). I had read the book a couple of times, and tried to set up a fictional battle as well (between […]

Excerpt from Dark Mysteries – Troll Servants

Another excerpt from the game Dark Mysteries. This time it’s a bit about binding trolls as servants. In this game, a troll is the mixture of a demon and the environment where the demon awakens, forming a permanent bond between demon and the material world.  —- Troll Servants While it is very rare, it is […]

About Styles – Excerpt from “Dark Mysteries”

One of the many games I’m writing is an investigative dark fantasy game called (so far) Dark Mysteries. It’s still very much a work in progress, but to give you a taste of what’s to come, here is a short paragraph on different fencing styles. Styles You don’t just learn Fencing or Swordplay, you learn […]

13th age from Pelgrane Press

Pelgrane Press Ltd » Blog Archive » 13th Age Escalation Edition 13th Age is a new fantasy roleplaying game, designed by Jonathan Tweet – lead designer of Dungeons & Dragons® third edition –  and Rob Heinsoo, the lead designer of the fourth edition of D&D®. Read an in-depth Q&A with Jonathan here. If you go […]

Spare me of the overly complex wizards!!

I have no point with this post whatsoever, apart from a slight rant. Be warned, dear reader. Whenever I get a new RPG, I try to sit down and make a couple of characters. You know, the typical ones. A fighter (or similar), a quick and agile thief etc. I don’t do wizards! (or whatever […]

Stop try to be so sneaky!

So, many posts on investigative gaming lately. Here’s another one, a bit shorter and also more aimed at players rather than gamemasters. Is it only me and my players, or have roleplayers a tendency to lie and try to keep the villains, and even suspects in the dark? Even if they have the main suspect […]

Investigative Character Sheets – ICS

So, time to re-visit that elusive genre again. Over the years I’ve tried to learn more about how to run and play so called “Investigative adventures”. I’ve done a couple of posts on them before (and there will be more to come, I’m sure). Today I’m gonna write about a structural problem that I’ve seen […]

So.. D20 and DnD! Why do I hate it so?

Why do you hate D20 and Dungeons and Dragons? Ok, no one has actually asked me that lately, apart from myself. Thing is, I arguing against DnD and the D20-system quite a lot. I even heard a friend try to explain to some other friends why I hate D20 and DnD. It had something to […]

Two random characters duke it out – Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

In an attempt to get a better grasp of the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game from MWP, I rolled up two random characters and let them have a little fight. (The rules for random character generation isn’t in the book, but can be found as downloadable content here: Random character generation (pdf) Related posts: Replication […]

My wickesque take on Transhumanism

Note: This text was written without me reading to much about the game Eclipse Phase. After reading more about the game, some details hereunder is flawed. My point, however, is still valid (and hopefully inspirational) so I post it anyway There’s a sub-genre of science fiction called transhumanism. The core idea is that we as […]

GUMSHOE cheat sheets

Pelgrane Press Ltd » Blog Archive » GUMSHOE Cheat Sheets I while ago I replied to a tweet from Simon Rogers of Pelgrane Press about writing Cheat Sheets that summarized the rules for pool point recovery. They are now published in the latest issue of pageXX, the official webzine from Pelgrane. I am quite happy […]

A mystery adventure – grown organically

This post is my trying to write a mystery story for a low-fantasy setting. Instead of just presenting it I’ll try to capture how it grew from the initial idea. Hopefully it can help others who, like me, have problems with coming up with stories. The initial scene is (and this was basically just a […]

Replication and my first character for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

So, earlier this week, the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying from MWP was released as a PDF. The tradition whenever I get a new Super Hero RPG is that I build my first ever Super Hero rpg character. His name is Steelfist, and he was originally created for the Golden Heros SHRPG   His backstory was […]


Pelgrane Press Ltd » Blog Archive » Lorefinder Lorefinder seems to be a fantasy add-on to Pathfinder, bringing the GUMSHOE rules to Pathfinder. It also contains advice for the fantasy GM about how to run mysteries. Related posts: My current projects Mapping out you adventure pt 4

Dungeons and Dragons Horror

In my previous post I wrote about what made DnD “click” for me. It’s a game about horror. Now, with that cleared, another problem suddenly arises: The rules and structure of DnD doesn’t feel like horror. The worst part of that is what the monster stats look like. They are WAY to technical. A while […]

When Dungeons and Dragons finally clicked for me

I’ve never really gotten into DnD. And believe me, it’s not for lack of trying. Even though it’s become one of the games I’ve played the most over the last 10 years (both 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0), I still didn’t get it. I wanted it to be what it said that it was. I wanted […]

Another license everyone is talking about.. this time it’s marvellous

So, it seems this years GenCon is having a few surprises up it’s sleeve. Not many days ago, the Star Wars-license was revealed. Now, not long ago, Margaret Weis Productions announced that they will be releasing a Marvel Comics rpg. Nothing is published yet, I’ll just quote tweets from Fred Hicks: Margaret Weiss Productions gets […]

Random maps

The Isomage’s House contains a couple if decent random map-generators (among other things). For those playing Traveller, there’s also a random subsector-generator, and a world generator. Related posts: Random plots, characters and stories Random characters Changing relationship maps Micro-tip: Use Google maps for inspiration

What will the new Star Wars game look like?

Recently, Fantasy Flight Games announced that they have the license to produce a line of games in the Star Wars setting. Even though I’m not a big fan of licenses as such, such a big license is always interesting to see how they manage. So, let’s take a look at games they already have designed, […]

The License Everyone is talking about is picked up again

So, Fantasy Flight Games have just announced a deal to publish a number of games using the Star Wars License. I must admit, I didn’t see that one coming. The Star Wars license is usually considered to be seriously expensive and very tight. From their announcement, it seems there will be a card game at […]

Invistigations, top-down or bottom-up?

Sometimes a design process is divided into two different methods, the top down method or the bottom up method. For a quick introduction to these two, check the following links. My experience says that the use of these methods influence how the final product turns out. Often, the top down method gives a scenario that […]

Looking at a Traveller game through Leverage lenses

In our last gaming session, we did a simple jailbreak adventure in our Traveller campaign. The setup was easy enough. A representative of a rich merchant family wanted us to get his son out of a tough prison. Now, I’ve had mixed feelings about these kinds of games before, but after reading games like Leverage, […]

Tips from investigational TV-shows

Recently I’ve been watching the two TV-series Bones and Castle. They have heaps of similarities, one of which being that they are both fairly investigative crime-solving shows. While watching them, I’ve occasionally tried to compare what happens in the show to what happens around the table when I’m running an investigative game. While there are […]

Investigative Torture

This is the first in a series of posts where I ponder upon how to write and run roleplaying adventures that focus on investigations, intrigue and mystery. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert in this. Rather the opposite actually, I suck at it, to put it blunt.So, before I continue I’d like to […]

Report from CabinCon 2011

A short report from our annual Cabin Con, with some comments on Trail of Chtulhu, Leverage, Savage Worlds and Operation: Fallen Reich

How to avoid slugfests in combat

I think it’s healthy for a game and an ongoing series to introduce challenges—and foes—the heroes can’t just punch or blast, but force them to come up with a lateral win. Superheroes and lateral wins The above quote is from Steve Kensons blog, where he raises an interesting point. In RPG’s, most combats is an […]

My subconscious is trying to tell me something

Earlier today I sorted through my RSS- feeds and discovered an interesting thing. A big portion of my star marked feeds where about the game Legend of the Five Rings. This made me a bit curious, since that’s a game I haven’t played for ten years, and even then it was just a couple of […]

How to help Pakistan AND get heaps of good games.. at the same time

Just as they did when Haiti was struck by an earthquake, RPGnow/drivethroughrpg now offers a bundle of games where the money goes to Doctors Without Borders. It’s a VERY nice offer, with games like WIld Talents 2nd ed, Icons!, Starblazer Adventures, Spycraft 2nd ed and many more. So, join in, help people in need and […]

GMs, accept this gift!

When a player says “I want my character to do this!”, then that is a gift. It’s a gift to both the GM and the players around the table. It tells the GM what kind of game and story the player wants. It gives the GM new opportunities for interesting situations. It is a way […]

Cutting edge in RPG design

Are there trends in RPG Design? I definitely believe so. If nothing else, there are trends in most about everything else, so why should RPGs be the exception. I also think that as time progresses, some people notice that the current way to do things doesn’t work as well as they should. These people then […]

War: the Rpg now has a logo of it’s own

The game War:the rpg now has it’s own logo. It propably will evolve while the game is evolving, but this is the foundation for it. Related posts: Damage in War: the RPG Character traits in War: The RPG Rock – Paper – Scissors! A method for War? RPG-Design, a case study Super heroic rpg

Pratchett applied to RPGs

In the book “Interesting Times”, there is a description about warfare in the Aurient. It’s about how war has become formalized according to different rules etc. Finally, the paragraph sums it up with: “It meant that warfare in the Empire had become far more sensible, and generally consisted of short periods of activity followed by […]

Simple encounter formula

Recently I found an old, but true, article about encounter design. The site Treasure Tables had this article where they sum up what’s needed for a good encounter. Interestingly enough, it’s not that complicated (well, in theory that is ). Each encounter should contain a.. Challenge (like a combat, puzzle, social situation) Something unique, that […]

Someone stole our pigs!! – Introductory adventures

A couple of years ago our gaming group coined the term “pigs watchers adventures” (roughly translated). The basic principle of such an adventure was that the players played boys or young men watching the pigs in the village. Everything is fine until one night when there is an attack and the pigs are stolen by […]

Cubicle 7 TV

This little video on youtube seems to herald something new.. well, new-ish at least. Seems like Cubicle 7 (a very interesting publisher, unfortunately getting a bad rep because of some delivery problems) are starting some kind of tv-channel. I’m definately looking forward to see where this will lead. No related posts.

RPG Design via Twitter

I’m trying to imagine what 1981 would have been like with Twitter. “@GGygax, can you explain weapon speed factors in 140 characters?”

Design Journal: Even I can bleed

One important part of the game Even I can bleed is the struggle against a hostile world. The characters will be hit by enemies, disasters and personal losses, but somehow they manage to fight through, and find some victory in the end. This is a core concept in the game. Most sessions will begin with […]

Bhedia now on twitter

Taking a huge leap into the 21st century, Bhedia can now be found on twitter, under the name BhediaRPG. Here I will post links, short updates and other things that may not warrant a full blown blog-post. Related posts: DnD4 Countdown

Using mood boards for games

Use a mood board to describe a place or character. Done right, they will capture the essence of the character far more than any character sheet could do.

Changing relationship maps

In previous discussions about relationship maps, the map has been a static map over how things are in the world at a given moment. This time, however, I’m going to talk a little about the idea of relationship maps that develop over time. The main idea is that one of the goals of a session […]

Relationship maps expanded

A while ago I wrote a little about how to build an adventure using relationship maps. Mapping out your adventure pt1 Mapping out your adventure pt2 Mapping out your adventure pt3 In many cases, these maps describe a number of secrets for the characters to uncover. However, the map in itself doesn’t say anything about […]

Micro-tip: Use Google maps for inspiration

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with names and maps for a specific place. For instance, not long ago I wrote an adventure sett in a slightly oriental/ arabic setting. Since I had a hard time coming up with names that had the right feeling, I took a look at Google Maps, and […]

Player vs. player – or “The golden rule of roleplaying”

In our last game, the issue of player vs. player action came up. More specifically, one player said that his character did a mind control on another players character. This wasn’t appreciated by the other player, who was open with it, so the first player changed his course of action. The incident, however, got me […]

Cabincon 2010

So, this weekend was time for the annual (and second) little retreat with our gaming group. We went out to a cabin, next to lake Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden. The idea is to play some games full time for a weekend, and to try out at least something new. The games this year […]

The Hopeless Gamer on Die Rolls In the blog-post above, The Hopeless Gamer writes about the Dice Roll. Their thoughts on rolling the dice are quite similar to mine (and he is for instance referencing a couple of my favorite sources as well, Luke Crane and John Wick). Related posts: Action! One-roll Talents Some thoughts on failure

Drivethroughrpg app? – RPGnet Forums According to this thread, it seems that there will be an app for the iPad for browsing and buying books on drivethroughrpg. I will post more info on this as soon as I hear anything. In the meantime, I have a couple of posts on the way dealing with using the iPad and iPhone […]

Concept ships – inspirational site

So, I’m finally back after some travelling around the globe (or at least around Europe). Today I’d like to share a site I found a while ago. It’s called, short and simple, conceptships, and features collections of space ships drawn by various artists. I’m definately going to use this as a source of ideas (and […]

Some thoughts on failure

Note: Very few of these thoughts are my own. They are picked up from different games and articles, and I just sum them up here. GM: “Give me a skill-check on skill X”Player: “Ok”Rolls dicePlayer: “Dammit, I fail”GM: Ok then… you don’t find anything/you fall down on your behind while trying to climb the wall/ […]

Random plots, characters and stories

Sometimes we get stumped for ideas, and whatever we do, we can’t come up with a decent idea. This means we, for most parts, need to kickstart our creativity. One way to do this is to get some random ideas thrown at you, and then you see what you can do with those. The site […]

Worldbuilding: Keep It Weird, Part Two, by Justin Achilli

This is an interesting article by Justin Achilli about how to use a well known concept or situation, and then add 10% twist to that (let’s call it “just a little twist of twist” ) Justin Achilli – Justin Achilli — Blog – Worldbuilding: Keep It Weird, Part Two: “The 90/10 rule states that when […]

Hamlet’s hit point – New book by Robin Laws

It seems that the good man Robin D Laws has another book coming. “Hamlet’s hit points”, as the book is called, is a book about story structure, and how you as a GM can use classic story structure to make a more exciting game. I must admit, I am a bit sceptical about this. The […]

So.. A new toy has arrived

Today I finally got my iPad, after a long wait. Being the avid gamer that I am I naturally intend to get back to you with thoughts and reviews about how to use it in relation to games. The apps I’ve installed so far is dropbox and goodreader (to read pdfs of course), and also […]

New design journal from DC Adventures RPG

In their latest Design Journal, Steve Kenson and Green Ronin presents a short fight between Batman and some thugs. From what I can see, rules-wise it doesn’t differ that much from previous editions, for good and bad. It does, however, seem slightly more streamlined. One part of this seems to be something called Routine Checks. […]

ICONS – First play impressions

Related posts: Icons! playtest review ICONS! – My first character Skullduggery – Initial impressions About what to play.. DnD4 Countdown 3 – Five characters I want to play

Even I can bleed – Design idea

For previous posts in “Even I can bleed”, look here One if the core ideas in the game Even I can bleed is that it’s one player against a group of GM’s. That player rotates in the group. Each session has a number of phases (initial conflict, buildup, turning point, confrontation, finale). At the start […]

My current projects

From time to time, I tinker a little on a couple of different Roleplaying Games. Hopefully, at least one of them will actually become reality. I can’t make no promises though. WAR: The RPG This is a game aimed at playing in violent times. The characters play soldiers and fighters on both an individual level […]

Make Your Own Condition Markers Effect Markers Out of Paper Clips – RPGnet Forums

I found this very clever tip on a thread on I can see heaps of uses for that.. Make Your Own Condition Markers Effect Markers Out of Paper Clips – RPGnet Forums: “Just wanted to share something I made for use with my dnd/pathfinder game. There pretty easy to make. (instructions on my website) […]

The first lineup revealed for the new DC Universe RPG

Yesterday Green Ronin announced which characters that are included in their new DC Universe roleplaying game (at least in the core book). This is the lineup (for actual power levels, read the full article): Heroes Superman, batman, wonder woman, green lantern, the Flash, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Captain Marvel, Zatanna, Robin, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Nightwing, […]

RPG reviews on youtube

Below is a short video containing a nice review on Barbarians of Lemuria. The interesting thing isn’t actually the review as such, but the fact that it’s up on youtube. While I shouldn’t be surprised by the presence of rpg-reviews on Youtube, it hasn’t occured to me before to look for them. [youtube=] Related posts: […]

Review of Houses of the Blooded – RPGnet

A long time now I’ve been thinking about running a game of Houses of the blooded. In the meantime I have to settle for reading the review on It’s long, well written and gives a good image about the game. Review of Houses of the Blooded – RPGnet: “A bunch of sociopathic hedonists more […]

Can RPG’s be used for all genres?

Lately, one question has been nagging me more and more. What if not all genres are suitable for RPG’s? So far in life, I’ve been more or less convinced that most genres could be simulated in a roleplaying game, given a decent rules-set, good gm-ing and well written adventures. Now, I’m not that certain anymore… […]

Icons! playtest review

Some Space to Think: Nerdy Saturday: “This weekend ended up having the right combination of scheduling openings to allow for a bit of pickup play, so I gathered some friends to try out some newly acquired games, one RPG and one board game.” These words is the beginning of a well written review of the […]

[CoC] Carl Sagan Helped Me Understand – RPGnet Forums

This is from a thread on RPGnet where the poster(s) talk about how to use Carl Sagans explanations of cosmos and the fourth dimension to get how the Cthulhu cosmology works. I think he is dead on with this! [CoC] Carl Sagan Helped Me Understand – RPGnet Forums: “So, now I understand that many mythos […]

Superman and Batman – Relative attributes in RPG’s

One of the classic tests whenever a new Super hero Roleplaying game arrives is if it can handle both Superman and Batman in the same scene. The core problem is that if you give Superman stats that compares to what he can do in the comics, he will completely outshine Batman (who is still an […]


The last couple of months I’ve been posting ideas and tips on how to build a complex adventure/ setting for the characters to discover. At least for me, that’s a system and a method that works very well. However, the kind of gaming that it generally results in is investigative, social and conspiratorical. What if […]

Skullduggery – Initial impressions

Many years from now, longer than I can remember, a game called Dying Earth was released. A nice little game that I played once or twice. One of it’s nicer features was a simple and elegant system for solving conflicts, both social and physical. I have looked at it a couple of times over the […]

ICONS! – My first character

A couple of days ago, the Preview PDF of the game Icons! was released. Since I’m always interested in a new super hero rpg, I preordered the game, and downloaded the pdf as soon as it was released. My impressions so far is that it’s a fast, loose game that strive to avoid getting stuck […]

Low-prep map-making

The map to the left is a rough map over the city in which our latest campaign takes place. What’s special with it is how it was created. Instead of me drawing the map before the gaming session (something that a: would take a lot of time and b: propably not resulting in a particulary […]

The year of the super hero

If you, like me, enjoy a good super-hero game once in a while, these last couple of months, and the rest of this year as been a gold mine… or a flood, depending on how you look at it. Let’s see.. a while ago Wild Talents 2nd edition was released in print. This was followed […]

Learning a new game, a micro-tip

Recently we started a new campaign using a new system (Reign) that none of us had ever played before. Before this, I was a bit nervous, because it was a game I’ve been looking forward to try out for a long time, and I felt a little pressure from the rest of the group that […]

Damn Green Ronin!!!

For those of you that read my previous post, I just decided on this years gaming budget. My thinking was that “well, there’s nothing more intereting on the horizon anyway”. The following day, Green Ronin dropped this bomb, revealing that they have a license to produce a DC Heroes RPG. There goes my budget… No […]

My gaming-budget this year

Darn… it’s only May (and beginning of May at that), but it seems my gaming purchases for this year are already planned. It has been an interesting year so far, and there are a number of games that will get my hard earned money (and some already has). Games and game-books already purchased are Wild […]

Random characters

The other day, me and my gaming group started of a short campaign using the game Reign. Since I was the only one that had much knowledge about the system, we decided to use the random character generation system instead of designing the characters with the points-buy system. It was a blast! There is something […]

One-roll Talents

One of the many super-hero roleplaying games to appear the last couple of years is Wild Talents. It’s a more gritty game compared to many others. It also uses the ORE-system, as found in Godlike and Reign, among other games. Now, one of the nifty things in the ORE-games is that they usually contain One […]

Push the players with triggers and phases

This is, to some extent, a development of my previous post where I talked about how to add “combat rounds” to other things, and in other time scales, than just combat. In this post, I want to add two more ideas/ concepts. The first one is Phases, and the second one is Triggers. Phases A phase […]

More structure for more creativity

I’ve stated before that I think that the most important game balance is time/spotlight balance from player to player. Ironically, this is in a way most enforced in combat, for one simple reason: Each player at least has his go. Every turn, each player get to do something. Of course, this “something” might vary quite […]

Mystery adventures – a few tips

One of my major weak spots is that I’m less than stellar at writing and running mystery adventures. This isn’t that surprising, considering that these kinds of adventures can be quite tricky. I have written a few other posts that touches upon the subject, but today I thought I’d just point you towards a couple […]

Now DON’T do it again..

In chess, there is a rule (If I’m not mistaken) that says that if the players repeat the same moves three times in a row, the game is a stalemate, a draw. Sometimes, I think this could be a good thing to include in Roleplaying games. It’s not uncommon for combats to be reduced down […]

Not by luck, but by skill..

What if… In a game, in an adventure, you as a GM tell the players “You will be defeated in every fight you enter… unless you do something about it” They cannot rely on having luck with the dice.. they cannot rely on spending “action points” (or whatever they can be called in your game) […]

To much background will kill you!

Ok, maybe it doesn’t… but for me, it kills the mood! There are several games out there that have deep, detailed and complex backgrounds and settings. I’m thinking about games like Exalted, various DnD-settings or Fading Suns. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I read a game with a solid, detailed setting I tend to […]

Inspirational book on improvisational roleplaying

Not long ago I read the book Play Unsafe by Graham Walmsley. It’s a book on improvisational roleplaying and contains tips on how to run games with very little preparation. I must admit, I don’t think I’m ready to change my games into 100% improvisation. However, the tips found in this book is (from what […]

Theatrix – The best game I never played

One game I keep coming back to is a game called Theatrix. While I never played it as such (and I don’t know if I would want to), the entire game is a splendid Gamemasters Guide. It’s a completely dice-less game, which means that you as a player can’t rely on your luck to defeat […]

Everway – A humble praise

I’ve propably played over 50 different roleplaying games over the years.. some of these just end up as another book in the book-shelf. They were nice enough, but didn’t bring anything new and notable. Then there are other games.. games that grab you.. that you learn to love. One of these games is Everway. It […]

I’m HIT!!

Let’s see In A New Hope, not one of the main characters are hit in combat. The only exception is Obi-Wan Kenobi, and that is when he is killed by Vader In the Empire Strikes Back, Luke loses his hand.. and that’s the only real hit (although one could argue that his is slightly hurt […]

Mapping out you adventure pt 4

In the previous posts, I’ve been looking at a way how to design an adventure using a relational diagram. This is a snapshot of the situation so far, but it’s still not a playable adventure. We are almost there, but I’d like to add some more seasoning and presentation. First of all, the main conflict […]

Mapping out your adventure pt3

The next (and almost final) step is to fill in the blanks. The map from last post is decent as a starting point, but to build a more complex module we need to fill it in a bit more. For each entity, I tried to add so there’s at least 3 arrows to or from […]

Mapping out your adventure pt2

So, with the basic story written down, and the different participants and entities written down in cmaptools (or on our sheet of paper). The next step is to draw lines between the enteties. Each line represent a relation or an attribute. Naug Grim, for instance, is a member of the dwarven clan. The wizards wants […]

Mapping out your adventure pt1

My latest find is a tool I wanna share with you all, together with a way to use that tool to design modules and adventures for RPG’s. Now, mind you, the tool in itself isn’t necessary for the method, but it’s handy and it’s free. Can’t get better than that, now can it? The tools […]

Excel at relations.

Sometimes it’s fairly important to keep track of relations between different persons and factions within an adventure or a module. This can be done in different ways, and one of these ways are a relational matrix. A relational matrix is a grid with columns and rows (as matrices tend to be). In both the leftmost […]

The circle of heroes and villains

Batman and the Joker Superman and Lex Luthor Thor and Loki Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty The Hero and the Villain They are bound together by a strong bond. They belong together, close but so far away from each other. Batman, a character that thrives in darkness and fear.. his enemy isn’t someone with an even […]

All I got is a red guitar, three chords and the truth

The Blues! One of the simplest forms of music there is! In its most simple form, it has five notes and three chords. That’s it! Five! And three.. But.. with those 5 notes you can make a guitar cry with emotionWith those 3 chords, you can build songs that touch heaven and moves the earth […]

In with the new

Some time ago I got a few remarks for my habit of looking at new games, often suggesting that we try out this-or-that system. Why do I do that? Why don’t I stay with the mainstream games, where it’s easy to find players, that I already know how to play? Well, quite honestly, there is […]

“Lone Ranger”-gaming

Many comics and storys are about one main protagonist and a hostile world with enemies. Examples are Batman, the Phantom, Lone wolf and cub, Modesty Blaise, Flash Gordon and many more. The common theme here is that the protagonist is alone. Sure, he has sometimes a sidekick (Robin, in the case of Batman, for instance), […]

The case of the bar-owners son, or How to make things matter

Imagine the following. You are playing an adventure, where it is crucial that you enter a mansion to get hold of a document containing secrets about a spy from an enemy empire. Your first obstacle is entering the mansion in itself. There are some windows locked from inside, a big wooden door on the front […]

Rock – Paper – Scissors! A method for War?

Nope, it’s not about solving the wars of the world with a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors (even though it would be nice if that was possible). Rather it’s about me thinking more about what kind of conflict resolution system I want for my game War: The RPG (which I have written about in a couple of […]

Dungeon Delves – the perfect format?

One of the problems often mentioned with RPG’s in general is the time investment. First you have to spend one or several (often the latter) evenings, and on top of that, the GM have to prepare the adventures, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Dear Wizards have tried to solve that with what they […]

Plattforms for character generators

If you want to make a character generator for a game, there are a number of tools to use. Each of these have advantages and disadvantages, and I’ll try to make a short summary here. I’ll try to look at aspects like easy of use (as a developer), cross-plattform compability and what is required of […]

Excel tip #2 – Drop down menus

Making a drop-down-menu in Excel is fairly easy (and with drop-down-menu I mean in this case a cell with a number of preset options that you can choose from). Let’s say you hae a game with 10 classes you can choose from. Create a new sheet (I usually create separate sheets for look-up-tables etc). Enter […]

Excel tips #1

As said before, Excel is a good tool for building character generators. In this little series, I’ll try to provide some tips and hints that’ll help you build your own chargen in Excel (or other spreadsheet tools). These will be varying in length and complexity. Tip #1 Use Names for cells and areas To make […]

Excel and Spreadsheets for RPGs

A spreadsheet is a tool that basically is a large grid of cells. Each cell can contain a number, a text-string or a formula. It originated within the business world as a way to build budgets, keep track of transactions and economics etc. However, the structure of the spreadsheet also makes it a fairly good […]

Advance over a field

One common occurance in wars is trying to advance over a field under enemy fire. To simulate this, the following rules are used: A field has two values: How difficult it is to pass, and how dangerous it is (enemy fire, mines etc). Each turn, you roll 1D10 – danger. The resulting number is how […]

Damage in War: the RPG

When a character is hit and wounded within the game, several things can happen. Not only does a hit do bodily harm, it also affects morale/ willpower, the equipmant and the cooperation within the group. Some of these aspects, I will deal with in a later post. In this post, I will mention a little […]

A quick discovery about google wave

When I first heard about google Wave, I suspected that one of the first plugins to pop up would be a die-roller. So, yesterday I finally got my invite to Google Wave, and lo-and-behold, when I look at the short list over plugins I find a bot (script) that can do simple die-rolling. You basically […]

Group combat

In most RPG’s combat is treated as a number of individuals fighting another bunch of individuals. At times, there are things like aiding each other, but that’s about it. However, in War: The RPG, the aim is to simulate that the group is a group that has trained as a unit for a while. Even […]

Character traits in War: The RPG

Today, I’ll post my first draft of what characters will look like. Since this is supposed to be a rules-light game, I have decided to make the attributes few, and also include more abstract things into them. So, a character has the following traits Body – The characters physical strength, speed and stamina Mental – […]

RPG-Design, a case study

To put it short: I’m trying to design a roleplaying game of my own. Turns out, it’s fairly tricky (no big surprise there). It started … or rather, was triggered by when talking to a gaming friend that also had some ideas for a game. We talked a little about it, and while there was […]

[FATE] Spirit of the World of Darkness – RPGnet Forums

[FATE] Spirit of the World of Darkness – RPGnet Forums: “I don’t really have a purpose in making this post other than to say it just occurred to me how easy it would be to blend Fate and the World of Darkness system together. * Add Aspects as per Fate. Aspects replace Virtue/Vice. * Use […]

How I wrote 30 adventures in a couple of days.

Ok, I admit, the headline is a bit of an exaggeration. But it’s cathy, right! However, it’s not that far of. But perhaps a better wording would be “how I wrote the outline for a 30-adventure campaign in a couple of days”. Anyway, I had an idea the other day, based on the Dawn of […]

The concept of Balance within a roleplaying game

Game-balance is something often mentioned in roleplaying games. The idea comes from the world of boardgames/ strategy games (and later computer games), and the purpose is to make sure that units of different kinds are balanced against each other. In many roleplaying games there is also a discussion that different types of characters should be […]

About what to play..

Usually when I’m set out to write a module or adventure for a roleplaying game I usually start with the question “What game do I want to play?” and then I go from there, trying to write an adventure for a particular game. I am more and more starting to think that that’s a slightly […]

Is Superman just strong?

Some time ago I read a thread on (now, there’s a surprise) about Dawn of Legends (DoL), a new Super Hero addition to Savage Worlds. Someone in the thread asked if DoL could support higher level characters, like Superman or the Flash. The reply was that it definately was possible. However, the solution left […]

It’s that time of the year again – Info is leaking out about Geist from White Wolf

Since the launch of the new World of Darkness, there has been a new line introduced every summer, and this year is no exception. It has been known for quite some time that the name is Geist, and that it seems to deal with ghosts in one way or the other. However, it seems like […]

Interesting resource for planning adventures

Adventure Designer While surfing the web the other day, I found a page (see link above) with a nifty little pdf-document to be used when planning an adventure. While it’s nothing complex or sophisticated, it’s nice in it’s simplicity. There are sheets for entering a summary for characters, rumours, map locations etc. There is also […]

Wilderness of mirrors and narrative roleplaying – some thoughts

Not long ago, our gaming group tried out Wilderness of Mirrors for the first time. This was also one of our first sessions with improvisational, narrative roleplaying. The premise was the following: In our long going Star Wars Dawn of Defiance-campaign, one of the players have a subplot which includes a long lost sister. To […]

What would I choose?

So, the question is simple… if I where to reduce my number of games, and just play one system per genre (or something like that).. what would it be? For sci-fi/ post-holocaust: Starblazers For modern horror/ thriller: the nWoD-series Straight up fantasy: This is a bit trickier… Gurps comes to mind, and so does a […]

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

A new look at skills and skill-checks Sometimes when using skills in an RPG there are a few things that can happen. For instance, there is the “if I fail, the scenario ends”-variant. The GUMSHOE-system is a response to this problem. Basically it’s where you have a skill-check that decides if you find the clue/ […]

DnD4 – Quick and dirty class-less solution

The DnD-classes are made to fit different roles within a combat. As such they do a good job. However, some genres don’t lend themselves to hard and fast classes. Here comes my humble suggestion on how to make DnD a bit less classy. The following factors are decided by class Hit Points and Healing surges […]

Discovering the Force – Star Wars Saga

This is an excerpt from when my Bothan Explorer Bieter Ke’frey discovers that he has an affinity for the force. In game terms he reached a new lvl and got himself the Force Sensitive-feat for that level.———Bieter sat down on a wicker chair in the outskirts of the village square. The celebration had died of […]

So many games, so little time

I admit it: I suffer from gamers ADD! In my case that means that I am so easily distracted when I find a new shiny (or not so shiny. Just today I was reading about Don’t rest your head) game. It’s not just limited to new games. Sometimes it’s enough with a new neat idea […]

Does telepathy cross language barriers?

Does telepathy automatically cross language barriers? This was a question that popped up in a gaming session lately. I didn’t consider it much then, but after a while I started to think about it. Many modern cognitivists claim that it is our language which form our thoughts. This makes sense.. when I think, I tend […]

My Star Wars Indiana Jones character

My vision is that of a daring explorer that seeks out the farthest and most secret ruins. His goal is to find the hidden knowledge of the force, the Jedi and the Sith. Basically, I want to make my character into some kind of Indiana Jones-wannabe. However, I also have a plan for how he […]

Star Wars Saga – Latest purchase

Last weekend I finally cracked and bought Star Wars Saga. My impression so far is that it looks like a nice game. After the first read-through I decided to do a little experiment. I wrote four one-sentence character descriptions on one page each. I tried not to think about what classes and possibilities there was […]

Results and relations – The purpose of a gaming system

In my last post I put up a small thought experiment about character generation. The aim was to point at two different roles that a gaming system has. My own answer to the question is that even if I make a purely random character, making the rolls myself gives me a stronger connection to and […]

What is a gaming system?

When does one system end and another begin! Where does the system end and the fluff begin? Does system matter? What is the purpose of the system? A number of threads on lately has raised a number of questions for me. Basically it all comes down to the role and effect of the rules […]

Running DnD4 for the first time – An interview with the GM Part IV: The Future and broken chairs

So, we have come to the final part of the interview. Basically this is where we talk about your post-game impressions. What went wrong, what went right and how will you proceed from here? What did you do after your first game? Well, first I removed the remains of the chair that, well, succombed to […]

Running DnD4 for the first time – An interview with the GM Part III

We have now come to the actual play and your experiences with DnD4. So, how did it go? It went well, I’d say. We all had a good time, and play was fun even though it was the first time for all of us. Did you use pregens or did you make the characters hat […]

Preparing a module for DnD4 – An interview with the GM Part II

So, in this part we are going to talk about your role as a GM in preparing a module for the game. Can you just give as a quick rundown on the adventure. It was a fairly short module that played out over an evening (including chargen). It started out with the characters encountering a […]

Playing 4th ed for the first time – Interview with the GM Part I

This is where I interview myself after our first session of playing DnD 4th ed. It was a home made adventure that lasted one evening. The interview is split up in 4 parts. So, I figure you have just run your first full game of DnD 4th? That is correct. We ran a short module […]

Cantrips – A charming detail with 4th ed wizards

Today I made a number of characters for 4th ed to get a better grasp of the system. When I got to making a wizard, I saw it: Cantrips! It’s nothing spectacular, and definately nothing new, but that doesn’t matter. This is what makes a wizard a wizard. Not blasting fireballs or bolts of lightning. […]

Komran, Human Paladin for DnD4

Here’s another character. This time I opted for a Paladin. Since I wanted him to be a competent warrior I focused a bit on the physical stats. This meant that I had to sacrifice either Wisdom or Charisma. This time, I went for a charismatic but maybe not to bright paladin. Later on, when choosing […]

Zirath – Dragonborn Warlord for DnD4

So, after reading through the DnD-books, I decided to build myself a Warlord (something I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts). For my race, I choose Dragonborn, since that’s something I’ve (obviously) never played, and I wanted to see what they where about. From what I can judge, he is a decent warrior, able […]

DnD4 Countdown 0 – It’s here and I’ve got it

So, it’s finally here! After a visit to my gaming store, I got home with the three books (and a 16 minis and a voucher for a dm screen and some character sheets). So, after a quick look through it, what are my first impressions? The books doesn’t look as good as the 3.5 did. […]

DnD4 Countdown 1 – Almost there!

About a year ago, wizards posted a semi-cryptic message on their website, hinting at something big was to be announced. They even had a big countdown-clock on the site. We all know what happened: They announced that 4th edition of DnD was in the works (and also that their servers crashed right after the counter […]

DnD4 Countdown 2 – 5 additions I hope for

While the books will containg many hours of joy, there are still things I hope to see in the future. Rules on mass combat. Sooner or later, the characters can grow and become leaders of armies, waging wars against other kingdoms. I see no problem why the basic rules wouldn’t scale so that you have […]

DnD4 Countdown 3 – Five characters I want to play

Any kind of warlord. The more I read about the warlord, the more fun it seems. I want to shout orders to the fighters, telling them to push on and to shake that measily flesh wound of. See my post about Warlords/ sergeants for more info. Half-elven Ranger. I know, this is a bit cliché, […]

DnD4 Countdown 4 – A week of fives

This final week before the release, I’ll be presenting a number of lists concerning DnD4. Todays list is “Five things I’m excited about in DnD4″. I know I have written a few posts that seem fairly critical to the game, so I thought I’d make up for that in presenting what I’m looking forward to […]

DnD4 Countdown 5 – Editing 101

Todays post is not so much about DnD4 as it’s an observation on a trend in rpg-writing in general. Earlier today, I saw this text describing the new game from White Wolfe called Hunter: the Vigil. Although I’m excited about the game, something about the text didn’t click at all. Now, let me first point […]

DnD 4 Countdown 6 – I’m afraid I have to use the word Awesome!

Todays post will be short, at least my part of it. On, a poster by the name of Mostly_Ghostly presents a setting he calls Nifflas. This is among the best and most interesting settings I’ve seen so far. This incudes most commersial settings as well. So, instead of talking to you myself about it, […]

DnD4 Countdown 7 – The sergeant shouts: Stand up and fight

Yesterday I experienced an eye-opener that showed me the use and role of the warlord in 4th edition. First, let me point you to a thread on where they describe what the warlord really is: He is the drill sargeant, the tough coach, the squad leader shouting orders to his troops. Lots of his […]

DnD4 Countdown 8 – Roleplaying pt.2

Yesterday I wrote a little about roleplaying and what I consider roleplaying is. This started with the notion that DnD4 is mainly aimed at combat in it’s rules. As said before, the proponents of this say that we need complex rules to simulate combat, but the rest can be freeformy, improvisational. What I would like […]

DnD4 Countdown 9 – Roleplaying

One discussion that is taking place on enworld and as of now is whether dnd4 is just a combat-game without any support for roleplaying. What people are saying is that it seems that the classes are defined by their role in a combat situation, and also that the powers are focused on combat and […]

DnD4 Countdown 10 – Oops, there’s a leak in the dam.

Apparently, some retailers, both online and stores, havn’t been paying attention to the release date of DnD4. So, a number of happy campers (or gamers… I don’t think gamers are much for camping, unless it’s outside a gaming store or cinema) have gotten their copies already. So, for interesting info, there are threads on both […]

DnD4 Countdown 11 – The online applications

One of the main points when DnD4 was presented was the online applications. Basically all the rules will be online, and you will be able to create characters, build virtual minis and even play a full game of DnD online. All this is good, and I’m looking forward to trying it out. However, there is […]

DnD4 Countdown 12 – Supers and DnD4

One of my favorite rpg-genres is Super Heroes. After playing a short session of Mutants and Masterminds the other day I started to think about what the design principles of 4th ed would mean in a super hero game. What I came up with did leave me intrigued. Power levelsIt seems like the three tiers […]

DnD Countdown 13 – Now you’ve won.. what’s next?

Todays post is not so much about D20 as it’s about Roleplaying in general. My hope is that it can lead to some interesting ideas no matter what the game system though. Latel I have read a fair amount about the Gumshoe system (as can bee seen in some of my previous posts). One of […]

DnD4 Countdown 14 – Swarms and minons

This week we have seen the rules for minions and swarms. I’m farily fond of the later, but the former still leaves me with some doubts. Thing is, the purpose of minions in movies is to either threaten supporting cast and/ or to make the heroes shine. For instance, stormtroopers are not a particular threat […]

DnD4 Countdown 15 – Quoting Bon Jovi

We are halfway there, living on a prayer. My countdown is now halfway through. We have seen some interesting stuff the last couple of days. The most intersting must have been the Keep of the Shadowfell. In addition to that, today the character sheet of 4th ed is available for download. So far my impression […]

DnD4 Countdown 16 – All these previews

Beginning with the DnD Experience earlier this spring, Wizards have been rather generous with their previews. Generous enough that people already have been able to play simple games with the rules. I’m not only talking about games at cons with DMs from Wizards or so, but also home games using the content that is published. […]

DnD4 Countdown 17 – Fourth ed will save roleplaying

Well, maybe not… but perhaps. If roleplaying needs saving. First of all, before I proceed, I’d like to point out that I’m now back on track. Perceptive readers have probably noticed that I’ve been one day behind on my countdown the last couple of days. I blame a couple of stessed out days at work, […]

DnD4 Countdown 18 – Minions

The latest excerpt from WotC is about minions. The idea behind minions are to simulate crowds of faceless opponents without a name or role in like a movie or a game. The Stormtroopers in the Star Wars movie is perhaps the iconic example of this. Many games have tried to simulate this in different ways. […]

DnD4 Countdown 19 – Listen up

Last year I discovered podcasts and their use. This especially goes for RPG-based podcasts, and it’s a way for me to keep up with events, get an insight into the industri and generally listen to people talking about interesting subjects. For instance, my opinion on WotC has changed (at least on the guys working there) […]

DnD4 Countdown 20 – DMG then and now

I didn’t play much AD&D; when I was younger. Apart from the odd adventure or two me and my gaming group stuck to other games like Gurps or MERP. However, I could spend hours creating random dungeons and random “summoned creatures” using that book. Somehow within those covers lay the promise of adventure and excitement. […]

DnD4 Countdown 21 – My first character

This is an attempt to recreate one of the characters mentioned in the Hall of Fame-post, using the compiled preview of the PHB. I tried to find powers that dealt with moving around and attacking in close combat, and from what’s out there already I think I succeeded quite nice. Only problem is that I […]

DnD4 Countdown 22 – First official item in my hands

Today when I got home I saw a letter from RPGA. Opening it, I saw a couple of reward cards from RPGA. Nothing special about that, it’s not the first time I’ve recieved reward cards. However, when I looked closer at them I saw that they had the new D&D; logo. The text on the […]

DnD Countdown 23 – Memorable moments

When I look back at my gaming life, I have certain moments that I still remember clarly as interesting, intense and exciting. One thing that strike me when I look back at them is that they have very little in common. Some of them happened in very low key settings, others in high-action, epic drama. […]

DnD 4 Countdown 24 – Don’t be such a square

One of the changes in DnD4 vs. earlier editions is the simplification of diagonal movement. It’s a subtle but interesting change. Earlier when you moved diagonally, you counted 3 squares for every 2 squares you moved. If you wanted to move 5 squares diagonally you counted [1] [2,3] [4] [5,6] [7] (each bracket representing a […]

DnD 4 Countdown 25 – Things that are not DnD

For many of us, the advent of DnD4 is one of the real big things this summer. However, there are other things, and to remind myself that there are more to life than DnD (World of Darkness, for instance ), I thought I’d list a few of my highlights this summer European Football Championships (that […]

DnD Countdown 26 – Investigations

Last year, a series of indie-games was released. They are aimed at investigative play, and the core idea is that IF you are at a scene and IF you have got the relevant skill, you always find the core clue of that scene. No roll or spending of points needed. With the spending of points […]

DnD4 Countdown 27 – Small Hall of Fame

For todays entry, I want to share with you two characters that I have used over the last couple of years. They are all Living Greyhawk characters, and since I like them, chances are that they will be reincarnated in 4th ed. Rahnasto the Lost Rahnasto was born to a human mother and to an […]

DnD4 Countdown 28 – Skill Challenges

For today, I have made a couple of attempts on Skill Challenges. Overall I like the idea, and I’m looking forward to see the implementation in more detail. Skill Challenge 1: The Root of All EvilNot far from a village there is a small lake. Normally the local shepherds let the sheep and goats drink […]

DnD4 countdown 29 – Starting settings simple

When I was younger, I had a tendency to try to create elaborate worlds and settings. I preferred starting drawing this big map, and then I added cities and states to these. History was deep and detailed and the relations between the actors in the world where comples. And 9 times out of 10 one […]

DnD4 Countdown 30 – Modern sources and classes

The classes in DnD4 are based on two things, a power source and a role. For instance, all fightery-types use Martial as a power source, clerics use Devine powers etc. There are four sources confirmed (Martial, Devine, Arcane & Psionic) and some others hinted at. So, what would similar sources for a modern day/ sci-fi […]

31 – My first character

After hearing about 4th ed last summer there was a couple of things that did pop up in my mind. One of those things was how flexible the new classes could be. For instance, in 3.5 I find it really hard to make a decent Fighter that uses light weapons, like a swashbuckler or similar. […]

DnD4 Countdown

The release of DnD4 is now just a month away. Due to this, I will have a simple DnD4-countdown on the blog. My goal is to publish a short post each day that is related to the game in one way or the other. Among the upcoming subjects are a look on classes and roles, […]

Some replies on 4th ed

After posting a message about the 4th ed experiment on RPGNet, I did get a couple of replies that clarified two things for me: When you gain a new level, you can choose between taking a new power/feat OR replacing one of your already existing feats with an improved version of the same feat (like […]

DnD4 tryout

This week, me and some other players in my gaming group got together and made a little experiment. Using all little preview-rules and leaks we sat down and played through a little dungeon crawl using the 4th edition rules. Using the 1st level characters that can be downloaded from the Wizards website, and a scenario […]

I have played 4th Ed!

Well.. more or less at least. Our regular gaming session was cancelled today, so I collected all the preview bits-and-pieces there is and told the guys that I wanted to run a little test-session of 4th ed DnD. It went well, and we had a fun evening. I will return with a bigger review very […]

Character Generator starting to take shape

The MnM-character generator is starting to come alive. It is still very early in the process, but some parts are coming together. All important tables are created and filled (like lists of skills, powers and feats). Many of the basic relations are formed. For example, by now, it’s possible to enter a character with feats, […]

Database character generator

There are a number of character generators on the Internet that useMicrosoft Excell as their platform. Heroforge being one of the moredeveloped ones. Some time ago I started to think about if it was possible to useanother platform efficiently to make character generators (and otherRPG related applications). One of my demands was portability andcross-plattform compability. […]

A small farewell

I’m not a big fan of the D20-system, and I never played original DnD. I do, however, recognize that Gary Gygax was one of the pioneers in a hobby that I have loved for more than 20 years. My thoughts go to his family and friends. He will be missed! Related posts: Small but important […]

Slight interface change in Mutants and Masterminds

In the Green Ronin game Mutants and Masterminds, you buy your stats and modifiers with points. This includes your Attack Bonus, which is bought independently of your stats. Each level of Attack Bonus costs 2 points, and encompases both Melee and Ranged combat. Later on, when you are buying feats, it’s also possible to buy […]

ORE forcing me to move on

Ore and the Layer system – The demise of layers? The next system that I set out to analyse was the ORE-system. It’s a system first introduced (from what I know) in the game Godlike, and from there it have evolved to Wild Talents, Reign, Nemesis and a number of smaller games like Star ORE. […]

Post-campaign thoughs on what could be better

Recently I ran the last session in a 10 session campaign of mage. After that I sat down and tried to evaluate what went good and what didn’t. I won’t write down the long essay I wrote, but I will share the points I found out. The situations me and my players found most enjoyable […]

Use the character sheet

Driving Blind – A quick trick for Fate (and other system) GMs I have long been a proponent of the thesis that the character sheet is the best indicator of what kind of game the player want’s to play. The Driving Blind-blog takes it one step further, and gives the advice that you should put […]

Small but important details

The other day I played my first game of True20. It was a nice little game which I thoroughly enjoyed for many reasons. One was my little Adept who could make small light-shapes to illuminate his surroundings, but that’s not the reason for this post. It is the format of the book. We all had […]

Layers and D20

This is an attempt to describe the different layers using the D20 System. The reason I chose this is that I can use the information in the SRD, which is open to use. Other possibile systems to analyse in this way would be Fate or D6. Apart from the core rule, each game system has […]

RPG System layers

Just as software systems has different layers (algorithms, implementations, GUI etc) RPG systems could be described in the same way. One rough setup is to describe a system in three layers: The System The relations between and the behavior of artefacts/ entities within the system. Defines the behaviour of the game engine. Example: All actions […]

Creating/GMing investigations without setting the truth in advance – RPGnet Forums

Creating/GMing investigations without setting the truth in advance – RPGnet Forums: “Creating/GMing investigations without setting the truth in advance” No related posts.

Roll-over ideas for Gurps

Gurps roll-over Base rule: 3d6+skill

Advice on the 13 practices

1 DotPractice of Compelling – The Practice of Compelling is used when you wish to make something within the purview of the Arcana do what it’s supposed to do. It generally cannot do damage or create penalties/bonus, only cause the target to do what it’s already capable of doing. Examples: Traffic Lights changing, TV changing […]

Transmute Gold

Re. my last entry, this was found on the WoD-wiki —— Q: The description for Adept of Matter states “I can turn lead into gold to satisfy their trite expectations.” However, Transmute Gold only allows for the mage to transmute the precious material into a non-precious material, not the other way around. Is that supposed […]

Turning lead into gold

This is a short look at how to turn lead into gold in Mage: The Awakening by White Wolf. Now, there is no set rote for transforming something into gold, but there is one for transforming gold or other precious metals to an ordinary metal (Transmute Gold, p202) which is a Matter 4-rote. Question is, […]


There was a war. You Lost You where driven from your paradise. Your knowledge and your art destroyed, shattered all over the world You are hunted, the agents of your enemy hunts you down, try to make give up, or die They steal your knowledge, make sure that no one ever sees it again. They […]

Feint in Dungeons and Dragons

In my quest for a nice, thematic swashbuckler, I stumbled upon the feint-rules, which I havn’t given much thought before. It turned out that a succesfull feint takes away the dex-bonus from your opponents AC for your next attack. Now, combine this with the fact that a Rogues sneak attack is applicable whenever the opponent […]

A fencer in DnD

After some searching and tweaking, I found something that I do believe will make a fair swordsman, Pirates-style. So far he is only a lvl 1 character, but I’ll show him as is, and then write a little about my thoughts on how to progress him. The idea is an agile, tricky fencer that wins […]

The McWolfe Statement (ver 0.1)

I want my RPG to be smooth. It doesn’t have to be rules light, but it should be smooth. The rules of my RPG should reflect the setting. There should be an official way to play that game. The rules should follow that way Characters should be built to fit into that way There should […]

The garden of the mind

They say I enjoy watching other people suffer! They are wrong! They say that I enjoy watching my students agony on their faces when they are doing their exames. And still, they are wrong. It is true that I often try to be present during exams. Especially on exams on interesting and challenging subjects. What […]

Magetrix My experience with the new Mage so far is that it can be percieved as a kind of matrix light with occult or supernatural styles. Mages stand with one foot on each side. One foot is in the real world, the other one is in the supernatural world. Also, they live in a world […]

Super heroic rpg

This is a rough basic idea for a super heroic rpg-system. Many times it seems like superheroes and villains posses some kind of overarching power-level. This power-level is some kind of energy/stamina/strength reserve that is used in conflicts and the like. Would this be possible to use in an rpg? My initial idea is to […]

Midway City RPG available now!: “Forum: Ads/Open Promo Posted By: Cynthia Celeste Miller Post Time: 11-17-2005 at 10:09 AM” Since I have a soft spot for the Noir-atmosphere (I loved Bloodshadows, for instance), I thought this looked interesting McWolfe Related posts:

BMF Roleplaying system After watching the Bourne Supremacy (a fairly decent movie) I came up with the following basic framework for a RPG system. The basic idea behind it is to simulate poeple that are over the top, extremely good at what they do, and also do it with style. Ethan Hawk, James Bond, Leon […]

Dice How come we always use dice? Now, I know that they are handy to generate random numbers and to give as good, predictable spread. They offer a tool that’s dynamic, exciting andeasy to use. But, what other ways are there to judge the outcome of a situation. There have been games throughout the ages […]

Creating characters is a small hobby I’ve got. I usually start out with a core sentence or idea, and after that I add detail as I see fit. Why is it that so few RPGs work according to that method? Almost all RPGs I’ve seen have some kind of set order in which you decide […]

“You got to cry without weeping Talk without speaking Scream without raising your voice” -Mother, why did dad have to go? The young boy looked at his mother. His eyes where red from tears. -I don’t know..He just had to.. Mara closed her eyes. She could remember when she met her husband the first time. […]

Yesterday one of our regular players had to cancel the day before our planned gaming session. Instead of canceling the evening entirely, we decided to give MURPG a try (thar is, the new marvel game). I thought I would share some of my thoughts about it. Char gen: Abilities was rather straightforward. The one thing […]

A lot has happened since last. I have made two new purchases, Nobilis and Exalted (after reading a lot of it on Also I have played a few Living-adventures.. both Greyhawk and Living Force. Related posts:

I can recommend the yahoo group for the game Wild Talents. It’s about a coming game called Wild Talents (doh.. suprise). It’s fairly similar to the brilliant game Godlike!, but more aimed at generic super heroics. Using it, I made two rather cliché characters that I might use in my own super heroic universe. More […]

I spent the weekend playing Living Greyhawk, with my character Rahnasto, a shy half-elf (or half-human, as he sometimes feel..). Had a great time, chronicle will come! No related posts.

The planned gaming session of BESM was cancelled tonight. So, I’d think I’d spend the evening reading posts about the new marvel RPG. McW Related posts:

After waiting a couple of weeks, the new Marvel RPG is finaly released. Hopefully it will arrive in sweden as well. Keeping my fingers crossed. McW No related posts.

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